Pension Valuation Checklist

This information is required for the Plan Participant:


Alternate Payee

(Date of filing, separation, divorce, etc.)
if employee/participant was employed prior to the marriage
(or information from the plan specific to the participant’s benefits)


(2hrs@$275/hr. payable in Advance or before commencement of work – feebased only on first two hours, additional time billed separately)
(Plan Participant Spouse)
(municipal pensions)


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  • Full Name of Plan Participant Spouse

  • Precise Name of Plan or Summary Plan Description, if possible

  • Date of Valuation (i.e., date of separation, date of filing, date of divorce, etc.)

  • Date of Marriage – if the employee/participant was employed prior to the marriage

  • Date of Birth of Pension Spouse

  • Retainer (2 hrs. @$250/hr. payable in advance or before the commencement of work – fee based)

    • Only on the first two hours; additional time billed separately
  • Retired?

    • If Yes, Provide the Date of Retirement or entry into DROP (municipal pensions)
    • If retired, did the plan participant’s spouse elect survivor benefits?
  • Type: 50% J&S, 100% Joint & Survivor

  • Date of Birth of Non-Pension Spouse

For Military Service Members

  • Reservist or Full-time Active?

  • Branch of Service

  • Date of Entry into the Military (or Years of Service)

  • Date of Retirement

Additional Notes:

  • Reservist or Full-time Active?

  • Rank or Pay Grade