QDRO Review

WFA Econometric Group provides a measure of security for attorneys having to accept QDROs prepared by others. QDROs can be drafted or skewed in favor of one party or the other. A good example is Court Orders Acceptable for Processing related to the division of federal government pension plans.

The QDRO or COAP must be prepared consistent with each party’s settlement agreement. It cannot be assumed that everyone involved possesses the knowledge to determine if a QDRO is drafted fairly and consistently.

For WFA Econometric Group to review QDROs, a copy of the QDRO and the parties’ settlement agreement or Final Judgment should be provided.

Here are some issues to consider if you represent the former spouse of the plan participant:

  • Survivor benefits

  • Cost-of-living-adjustments

  • Subsidized benefits, if based on all the years of service

  • Death of the former spouse (federal pension plans)

  • Disability Retirement vs. disability insurance policy

As with any QDRO, a slight change in verbiage can mean tens of thousands of dollars in favor of one or the other party.