Military Order Checklist

This information is required for the Plan Participant:


Respondent Information

Case Information

(Date as of which benefits are to be divided)
(Date of filing, separation, divorce, etc.)
(not necessary if provided with case caption)
(Plan Participant)
In which Member served/is serving, i.e. Army, Army Reserves, Navy, etc.

Please Note: If Reservist or National Guard Member please provide a Chronological History of Points by email it to

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  • Full Name of Parties (Petitioner and Respondent)

  • Complete and most recent address of each party

  • Social Security Numbers of each party

  • Dates of Birth of each party

  • Date of Marriage

  • Date of Division

  • Significance of Date of Division

  • Name of Judge

  • County and State of Action

  • Case Number

  • Name of Member

  • Percentage/Dollar Amount of Award

  • $550 FEE! (payable in advance or before the commencement of work)

For Military Service Members

  • Branch of Military in which Member served/is serving, i.e., Army, Army Reserves, Navy, etc.

  • Marital Settlement Agreement

  • Date of Entry into the service

  • Is the Member currently Active, or has he or she Retired?

    • If retired, please provide the date of retirement
    • Date of Separation from Service, if no longer active or Reservist
  • Is Member currently receiving military retired pay?

    • If so, what amount?
  • Were parties married for at least 10 years concurrent with Member’s military service?