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A leader in producing QDROs, QILDROs, COAPs and Military Orders in divorce, and all of the Orders encountered by the attorney dividing pensions in divorce.


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Specializing in QDROs and Retirement Plan Valuations for Family Law Attorneys

WFA Econometrics Group, L.L.C. has been qualified as an expert in financial analysis, QDROs, pension valuations, and marital computations about retirement plans in divorce in both state and federal courts. We can advise on settlement agreement language to assist the attorney in securing essential benefits for their client while also avoiding liability risks.



I recently used a Pension Valuations service and was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise provided. As someone approaching retirement age, I wanted to ensure that I clearly understood the value of my pension and what options were available to me. The Pension Valuations team provided me with a detailed report that included all of the information I needed to make informed decisions about my pension.

Joe M.

The QDRO Preparation service offered by WFA Econometrics Group, L.L.C. is something else. As someone going through a divorce and needing to divide retirement assets, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about the process. However, the WFA Econometrics Group, L.L.C. team made the process straightforward. From the initial consultation to the final submission of documents, they were with me every step of the way. They took the time to explain everything in detail, answered all of my questions, and provided me with guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Mike C.

WFA Econometrics Group, L.L.C. is one of the best! Thanks to their expertise and professionalism, I could easily navigate the complicated retirement planning process. I feel much more confident about my future now that this important aspect of my military service has been taken care of. I would highly recommend WFA Econometrics Group, L.L.C.’s Military Retirement Plans Preparation service to anyone needing retirement planning help.

Phil C.

Private Sector

We specialize in providing QDROs and valuations for every type of retirement plan in the private sector.



Determining the value of CSRS and FERS requires an expert, especially in dividing federal retirement plans by a court order acceptable for processing (COAP).



Military retired pay is either based on points, if a Reservist or National Guard member, OR based on a formula if the military spouse is Full-Time Active, which regardless should be valued in a divorce based on current rank or pay grade.


QDRO Malpractice & Damage Calculations

As experts in the preparation of QDROs, we are best equipped to fix QDROs or compute damages for the liability insurance carrier, or for the attorney who may have drafted their own QDRO.


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